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About Legally Correct Transcription, Inc.

Legally Correct Transcription, Inc. (LCT) began in 2001 with a simple idea: To provide quality transcripts on time. LCT has never been late on any single transcript for any agency, attorney or individual EVER!

How do we do it? A “legally correct” transcript begins with the transcriptionist. All LCT typists are certified CERs with the State of Michigan, State Court Administrative Office. More importantly, all LCT typists possess the conscientiousness and attention to detail that places LCT transcripts on a higher quality level.

Wow, all that expertise and timeliness must come at a high price, right? Wrong. LCT’s rates are competitive. Plus, LCT offers a variety of pricing options depending upon your turnaround time frame. Contact LCT for your price quote.

LCT works within your timelines. If you need something turned around quickly, we have expedited pricing available. Contact us with your specific project requirements.

Delivering on time, every time.

Experience; we’ve been in business since 2001.

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No job too big or too small.

Legally Correct Transcription, Inc. is the company to use for all of your transcription needs.

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